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Jewelry Exposition


Pasqua Byzantina Necklace-  $ 4,000.00   Venetian glass 24-karat gold leaf 18 & 28mm glass beads and 12mm gold infused beads with 18-karat yellow gold hook clasp, 24.5” long, overall weight 168.5 dwt. 

Chiare Necklace -  $ 5,300.00  Venetian gold infused 16 x 25mm glass beads, 18-karat rondels and link toggle clasp, 21” long, overall weight 119.8 dwt.

Valentina Necklace -$ 1,450.00 Venetian gold infused 21 x 17mm glass beads with 18K rondels and toggle clasp, 24” in length, weighing 196.9 dwt. total. 

Earring  Not available


Pasqua Festa Necklace - $ 3,000.00   Venetian gold leaf beads 18 x 28mm and 12mm round gold infused glass beads accented with 18-karat end-caps and toggle clasp, 24” in length 118.8 dwt. overall.  

Pasqua Festa Necklace -$ 3,000.00 Venetian gold infused 25mm glass beads with 18-karat rondels and toggle link clasp, 26” in length 145.4 dwt. overall. 

Earring- $3,000.00 18K gold with Venetian gold infused bread earrings measuring 30X52mm O.D.,  24.8 dwt.

(Qty 3).

Sassi d’ Azzurro Necklace - $ 4,200.00 Venetian gold infused 20mm glass beads and 17 x 23 mm beads accented with 18-karat rondels, toggle clasp 122.7 dwt. overall. 

Mille Fiori Pendant- $ 11.00.00 Venetian gold infused 35mm glass pendant with 18-karat gold, 25 dwt. overall.

Confetti Necklace - $6,600.00 Venetian gold infused 27mm glass swirled beads with 18-karat rondels, 26” in length weighing 142.7 dwt. overall.

Fleur d Lis Earring- $4700.00 18-karat gold earrings, post with omega 30.x 25mm 10.5 dwt. total.

Confetti Earrings-$6,600.00 18K Venetian glass gold infused swirl bead measuring 30x53.5mm weighing 23.1 dwt.


Inverno d’Oro Bracelet - $5000..00     Venetian gold infused assorted 7.5-22mm glass beads 10” long with 18-karat toggle glass, weighing  68.7 dwt. overall. 

Inverno d’Oro Earring-$3100.00    Venetian gold infused mm glass beads with 18-karat, 20.5 x 62.5mm, and

15.1 dwt. total.

Estate Necklace- $4,900.00    Venetian gold infused 20mm glass beads with 18-karat rondels and hook with ring clasp, 18”in length total weight 181.1 dwt.


Pasqua d’ Oro Necklace- $4000.00   Venetian gold leaf 18 x 24mm glass beads with Swarovski crystal rondels, 18-karat hook with ring clasp, 19” in length total weight 111.9 dwt.


Primavera Necklace -$5,000.00   Venetian gold infused 13 and 21mm glass beads with Swarovski crystal rondels.

21” in length with 18-karat toggle clasp, weighing 126.8 dwt

Primavera Earring-$3,100.00 Venetian gold infused glass bead, 18K, large measuring 30x67mm, 25.2 dwt.

Primavera Earring-$3,100.00 Venetian gold infused glass bead, 18K, small measuring 18x60, 18.3 dwt.     

Violetta Necklace- $7,100.00   Four strand 875 carats t.w. Tanzanite nugget necklace with 18k rondels, 20” in length, 18K toggle clasp,  overall weight 133.1 dwt.

Violetta Earring- $1,500.00 Matching earring 18K measuring 17x 51mm, 9.5dwt overall.

Mare d’ Azzurro Necklace-$4,500.00        Nine strand blue green Turquoise beads with 18K rondels and hook with ring clasp 18” long, overall weight 46 dwt.


Marina Necklace -$6,800.00        Three stand gemstone containing 55cts. t.w. Aquamarine faceted beads 3-5.5mm, 35 cts.t.w. Tanzanite faceted beads 2mm, and 65 cts. t.w.  fancy yellow Sapphire faceted beads 3.5mm, 18K toggle clasp, 18” long, overall 36.5 dwt.

Sassi d’ Nero Necklace-$3,700.00     River tumbled natural black Spinel beads 18.5x17 -18x13mm with Venetian glass and 18K rondels, 20” in length plus the 2” Venetian gold leaf heart pendant attached to the hook and ring clasp,

125.9 dwt total.  

Bellina Necklace  $8,000.00       Three strand 16” in length containing 115 cts. t.w. faceted beads pink Tourmaline and 175 cts. t.w. green Grossularite garnet faceted beads with 18K toggle clasp,  51.8 dwt overall.  


Tourmaline Necklace, Bracelet and Earring Set  $50,000.00   Hand-made 18-karat yellow gold matching necklace, bracelet and earring set with 168.80 carats total weight, cabochon Tourmaline, bezel set. Each link is articulated and contains gems measuring 7x9- 8x6mm with the largest at 8x10.5mm. The necklace is  21”, links graduate from 10-16mm, 38 cabochons, 75.5 dwt. The bracelet has 26 tourmalines in two rows measures 22mm x 71/2”, overall weight 56.7 dwt. The earrings have four tourmalines averaging 5x7-6x7.5mm outside measurement 12 x 29mm weighing 9.2 dwt. total.

Rosa d’ Mare Necklace  $8,500.00  12 strand blue Turquoise and carved floral beads, 18” with 18K clasp total weight 47.5 dwt.

Turquoise Cameo Pendant SOLD Hand carved cameo,18K closed back, measuring 30.8 x 49mm approx. outside diameter 62 x 33mm, 30.8 dwt total. 

Helena Necklace  $8,500.00  Earring SOLD    20mm Coral beads, 16.5” strand with 18K horse clasp (58mm) accented with a blue Turquoise 40mm disk, total 144.0 dwt.   Total length 20”.  The matching 18K dangle earrings measure 59 x 21mm with coral and turquoise beads 23.4 dwt total weight.

Teresa Necklace-$8,400.00    Five strand 12mm coin cultured pearls with 4.5mm blue turquoise beads 18K rondels and 18K toggle clasp, 19” in length 115.43 dwt.

Teresa Earring-$4,600.00   18K coin pearl with 15x20mm Turquoise cabochon drops, they measure 30 x 63.5mm and weigh 21.7 dwt total. 

La Perla Necklace -$10,500.00   Three strand 25mm freshwater coin pearls with coral beads 18K rondels, and 18K toggle clasp, 20” in length,  118 dwt.

Larimar Necklace  $6,300.00  Five strand Larimar 17 x12.5mm oval with 13x10mm nuggets beads, 18K rondels and 18K toggle clasp.  18” in length overall weight 127.1dwt.

Regina Necklace and Earring Set-   $40,000.00   272 carats t.w. almond shape bronze Citrine briolettes with 18K gold and diamond rondels to the 18K toggle clasp, 21” in length. Stones measure 35x25x13-10x13x5mm and the overall weight is 87.4 dwt. The fleur-de-lis earring contains one matching Citrine briolette with gold and diamond rondels, measuring 58x30mm stone size is 15x21.5x7.5with an overall weight 20.3 dwt.

Regina Piccolo Necklace -$32,000.00  242 carats t.w. almond shape bronze Citrine briolettes with 18K gold and diamond rondels to the 18K toggle clasp, 17 in length. Stones measure 25x17x9-12x8.5x5mm and the overall weight is

63.2 dwt.

Cammei degli Florentina Three Piece Set  $87.000.00 Handmade matching 18K necklace, bracelet, ring with nine one piece hand carved shell cameos from Italy depicting the 9 Muses.  Each cameo is bezel set with matching filigree for each Goddess of the Fine Arts and Sciences.  The each cameo measures 36x30mm and 40x55.5mm around the bezel.  The necklace measures 21” with one freshwater pearl 11x14mm, 8” in length on the bracelet and the ring is 36x30mm, 12mm on the top of the shank then tapers to 4mm at the bottom.  Total for the set 298.3 dwt. 

Fleur-de-lis Earring-$2,300.00  18K  with 11x10mm freshwater drop shape pearl, 38x30 o.d., 14.5 dwt.

Annetta  Chain- $18,500.00   18K yellow gold 18” x 7.5mm link chain with toggle clasp, 56.8 dwt.

“S” Link Bracelet-$7,000.00  18Kyellow gold measuring 8”x 10.5mm.29.1 dwt. (not pictured-same as link as charm bracelet)

Fleur-de-lis  Cufflinks- $3,700.00  18K yellow gold, 21x17mm 9.1 dwt total weight.

Fleur-de-lis Tie tack- $900.00 18K yellow gold, 21x17mm 3.9 dwt.


 Horse Shield Cufflinks- $4,100.00  18K yellow gold 23x20mm, 22.8 dwt.

Vetro Muse Charm Bracelet- $7,100.00   Italian glass relief (cameo) set in 18K yellow gold measuring 23x31mm, 8” x 7mm square links with toggle clasp, 55.1 dwt.

Vetro Muse Pin- $1,250.00 18K Fleur-de-lis with Italian glass relief (cameo) set in 18K yellow gold measuring 27x51mm, weighing 8.7 dwt.   

11 Italian glass cameo rings with 18K Rings- $1200.00 each- Castelnuovo d’Aiassa exclusive made in Italy , glass with 18K full shank, stamped 750.


Venetian Glass Earrings 18K-Assorted

         $1,500.00                       $1,500.00                 $1,500.00               $1,800.00


Coral Strand Necklace- $1000.00  8-8.5mm pink coral beads, 32” in length, 46.2dwt.

Bella Donna Cameo Pendant- $4,075.00 Pink coral hand carved, Italian, 18K  measuring 63x47mm weighing 46.5dwt.

Bella Donna Bead Necklace- $7,000.00 17 strands 2mm pink coral beads 18” in length with 18K hook with ring clasp 47.0 dwt.


Cameo Pendant- $9,300.00  White to pink hand carved Italian coral set in 18K , measuring 67mm overall, coral 53x36mm o.d. weighing 36.8 dwt., featured in G.I.A. journal.

Cameo Pin- $800.00 18K hand carved one piece shell, Italian, measuring 48x37mm, weighting 5 dwt.

Turquoise Cameo Pendant- $7,400.00  18K hand carved and signed, Italian, 55x50mm o.d., 82mm with bail, 42.2 dwt. 


Turquoise Cameo Pendant- $5,000.00  18K  Hand carved Italian 47x33mm open back,  77mm with enhancer, 33.4 dwt. total.


Turquoise Pendant- $2,800.00  18K hand carved one piece 59x36mm o.d., with 6 green sapphires set in the center, 13.0 dwt. total.


The Birth of Venus Pendant -$11,000.00  18K Blue-green Turquoise cameo, Italian, 67.5x36mm with filigree backing, 19.3 dwt. total.


Chalcedony Pendant- $9,000.00  18K with purple chalcedony cabochon (27x20x13mm approx.), high dome bezel set with open back,  with 6mm moonstone, measuring 60x47.5mm o.d. not including enhancer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


Coral Lilly Necklace- $9,000.00 626 cts. salmon coral branches carved in rosettes, hand carved,  graduating 23-21mm in width with 18K, 18” in length,


Green Turquoise Necklace- $6,600.00  21 strands green turquoise with dyed semi-round and baroque freshwater pearls, 18K rondels and clasp, 17.75” in length , 172.8 dwt. total.  2 necklaces

Earring- $1,750.00   Green Turquoise 20x13mm, 18K  58x20mm o.d., 13.2dwt. total.

Earring- $1,750.00     Green Turquoise 20x13mm, 18K 33x18mm o.d., 11.7 dwt. total.   


Mother of Pearl Necklace- $13,800.00 35 strands Mother of Pearl 4.5x2.5mm tube shaped beads with 18K rondels and clasp, 181.4dwt. total.

Ancient Greco Necklace and Earring  Set- $27,500.00  Imported 18K necklace with 27round brilliant cut diamonds, pave set 0.54,cts. t.w. with matching earring, 22 round brilliant cut diamonds 0.44 cts. t.w.     

Knot Earrings-SOLD  18K hand-made imported braided gold  22x15mm 13 dwt.

Byzantine Cross & Collar Necklace - $ 10,000.00  18K yellow gold imported hand-made collar is 18” in length and 7mm wide, the cross is 77x45mm with 3 oval rubies, 2 oval emeralds, 4 pear sapphires, and 4 round  brilliants, both weight 57.1 dwt. overall.

Laurel Leaf Three  Piece  Set- $48,000.00  Hand-made imported 18K leaf necklace measuring 17” in length, graduating from 17-44mm weighing 110.9 dwt.; the matching earrings measure 37x27mm weighing 17.7 dwt. the matching bracelet is 65x60mm o.d., 40-20mm in width weighing 43.7 dwt.

Olive Necklace  $9995.00 and Earring Set-  $24.000.00  Hand-made 18K imported necklace, slightly articulated with a hinge in the back and clasp in the front,  18” in length measuring 32x15mm, 102.7 dwt.  The matching earrings have a clip with post measuring 22x44mm o.d., 16.8dwt.   

South Sea Pearl Ring- $22,000.00 18K yellow ring with 16mm baroque South Sea pearl with 27 round brilliant cut diamonds set in the top of the shank, stamped A,  measuring 41x30mm o.d., and weighs 24.5dwt.

South Sea Pearl Horse Earring- $18,000.00 18K yellow gold dangle earrings with 17mm semi-round pearls with good nacre, there are 8 round brilliant cut diamonds set throughout the earrings, measuring 49x20mm o.d., weighing 24.2 dwt.


South Sea Horse with Keishi Pearl Necklace- $17,000.00  61 strand Keishi pearls necklace 16” in length with detachable horse clasp measuring 82x73mm and South Sea pearl circle pearl 24x20mm, 100.3 dwt. overall.


64.5x32mm 15dwt.             54x20mm  7.5dwt, 

Glass Cameo Pendant Assorted 18K assorted size and motif bezel set, open back, with a silk 30” cord.

   $1200.00                    $2,000.00

Vetro Cammei Pendant Assorted-$1000.00 each 18K assorted size and motif bezel set, open back 6 without enhancer.   


Bacchus Pendant  $880.00   18K glass with gold leaf pendant 43.5mm, 72.5mm including the enhancer, 20.8dwt.

 Bacchus Pendant -$1000.00  18K bezel set, glass cameo pendant 46.5mm, 70mm including the enhancer, 22.8dwt.                                                     

Mille Fiori Heart Pendant  $1000.00 each  Venetian gold infused glass puffed heart pendant set with 18K yellow,  68 pieces some are silver infused, 59.5x35x21 o.d., 25dwt.

Vetro  Muse Tre Bracelet-  $8,500.00  18K with glass cameos, measuring 8” in length by 45mm at the widest point45.9t overall.

Tourmaline Necklace- $13,000.00 18K clasp with one 175.30 cts. Citrine faceted briolette (41x30x17mm) and 315 ct. t.w. multi-color oval faceted Tourmaline beads (averaging 12x10mm), double strand, 27” overall length.

Putti  Heart Coral Pendant- $15,000.00  Handmade 18K hand carved on both sides, pink and white coral measuring 63x47mm and 46.5 dwt. overall weight.  

Bacchus Pendant -  $24,000.00  Hand carved rare ox-blood red coral (50x53x19mm approx.)  set with 18K yellow gold accented with 11 round brilliant cut diamonds, 0.25 ct. t.w., pin-pendant combination, measuring 65x63mm o.d.        

Benito Chain 32”-$4,400.00  18K yellow gold hollow rolo chain (8x17mm links) 14.0dwt

Benito Chain 36”-$5,200.00  18K yellow gold hollow rolo chain (8x17mm links) 16.8 dwt


Enrico Chain Necklace -$24,550.00 18K yellow gold 18” solid 8x17mm link chain, 98.1dwt. 

Turquoise Bacchus Pendant - $12,400.00  Hand carved and signed blue Turquoise set in 18K yellow gold, filigree back, 79x51mm o.d., 60.3 dwt.

Turquoise Necklace-$6,200.00  18K yellow gold clasp and rondels, seven strand blue turquoise 4mm beads, 18” 61.9dwt.   

Fleur-de-lis Pendant- $5,500.00  18K enhancer with five round brilliant cut diamonds, 0.30cts.t.w., 27.8 dwt.

Larimar Necklace $4,500.00   39” double Larimar tie with gold charms, 107.7dwt.

Horse Shield Earrings- $5,600.00  18K yellow gold 49x28mm o.d. 28.5 dwt.

Aquamarine Earrings-$8,200.00  18K with 21x10mm Aquamarine cabochon briolette 33.73 cts. t.w., 49x30mm  o.d., 17dwt. 

Rubilite Earrings-$7,600.00 18K with 28.5x7mm Red Tourmaline cabochon briolette, 42.5x17.5mm o.d., 9 dwt.  

Turquoise Earrings-$3,900.00  18K with 20x13mm Turquoise drops, 55x20mm o.d. 11.5dwt.

Grappa Earrings-SOLD each 18K solid, grape with leaf dangle, 45x22mm o.d., 11.4dwt. Two sets.

Glass Cameo Cuff-links- $2,600.00 Glass relief 25mm set in 18K yellow gold, 11.5dwt.

Vetro Putti  Pendants- $3,400.00 each  Imported custom glass two sided cameo 18K each measure 65x47x28mm o.d.,  red-34.9 dwt.   blue-36.9dwt.

Vetro Muse Earring- $2,500.00each   Italian glass cameo with 18K measuring 54x28mm, 17.1 dwt.

Glass Cameo Earring-$2,400.00  18K with bezel set Italian glass with 5mm cultured round pearl,

53.5x13mm o.d., 7dwt.

Mother of Pearl Earring- 8,000.00   18K hand carved mother of pearl cameo 27x20mm, 51x28mm o.d., 21.9 dwt.

Fleur-de-lis Pin -$1,500.00  18K pin with 0.15 ct. t.w. diamond, 30x25mm o.d., 6.5dwt.

Angel Pin- $4,500.00 18K with opal and cultured and 4 small diamonds, measuring 40x29mm o.d., 9.8dwt.

Butterfly Pin-$6,500.00  18K with light-dark pink tourmaline wing and 0.12ct,t.w. diamond, measuring 45x40mm,o.d.

Bella Donna Necklace-$14,000.00  18K gold hoop clasp with 17 strand 2mm pink coral beads, 18”, 47dwt. 

Bella Donna Cameo Pendant - $9,000.00 Hand carved coral cameo (50x32mm approx.) set in 18K, 80x32mm o.d., 40.4 dwt.

Putti Pendant-$13,000.00  Italian hand carved pink coral, 59x54x25mm o.d. with hand made engraved bail , 18K, 404.5 carats.

Horse Pendant  $5,000.00 Glass horse set in 18K with closed back 64x57x9mm

Pearl Strand Necklace- $3,200.00 11x10mm cultured colored enhanced, 34” with 14K clasp, 121.6 dwt. total both.

Keishi Earring- $3,600.00  18K Fleur-de-lis with 33x12.5x3mm natural Keishi pearl , 57x30mm o.d. 15.8dwt.

Vetro Starfish Neckolace $800.00  Venetian glass center and beads with 18K clasp, 17” in length, 24.9dwt.

Vetro Butterfly & Starfish Pendant $480.00   Assorted Venetian glass pendants butterfly 73.52mm, starfish 74x73mm with 30 silk cords finished with 18K end caps.

Rosetta Earrings   $ 3,000.00  Hand carved white to pink coral rosettes, 18K, 20mm round by 11mm., 6.1dwt.

Masony Il Tigre Earrings  $1,700.00  18K with Venetian glass and gemstones 70x21mm o.d., 15.4dwt.


Muse Pin  $25,000.00  Hand carved red coral pin-pendant set in white gold with 1.00ct.t.w. round brilliant cut diamonds,50x80mm o.d., 42.8 dwt.

Angel Pendant $12,600.00    Hand carved  Mother of Pearl cameo set in 18K yellow gold bezel set frame, with filigree back, 94x50mm overall the cameo is 60x50mm

Cherub Pendant  $1,100.00       Mother of  Pearl cameo set in 18K open back, measuring 77x40mm, 27.4 dwt.

Carvallo Pendant $8,000.00   Mother of Pearl horse cameo set in 18K gold with a closed back measuring 82x 54x10mm , 35.4 dwt.

Coin Earrings- SOLD   Religious Arabic silver coins set in 22K yellow gold, articulated, embellished pearl accents, 51x 9.5-26.5mm

Coin Pendant - SOLD   Imported “Alexander the Great” silver coin 21mm, set in a 18K yellow gold bezel pendant ,measuring 32x21x5mm o.d., 8.6dwt.

Diamond Lavaliere Pendant- $18,000.00  Contains 378 diamonds; 16 polished macel diamond crystals with paved single cuts diamonds SI2, Top Light Brown, estimated total 8.73 cts.,

Horse Cameo Pendant-$10,500.00  Blue Turquoise cameo 18K bezel set with prongs, measuring 61.5x.50.x15mm o.d. 38.3 dwt. 

Coral Drop Earrings- $5,200.00  Ox-blood coral briolette 33x10 18K, 63x20mm o.d., 11.0 dwt.

Sapphire Pendant -$11,800.00

Matching Earring -$16,900.00   Imported matching set. The pendant has a blue Sapphire oval cut, approx 26cts. set with 32 Royal Double Jubilee cut diamonds, 1.70 cts. approx t.w., 14.9grams.   The oval Sapphires in the earrings  are approx 6.00cts. t.w. set with a total of 16 Royal Double Jubilee Cut diamonds, 2.08 cts. 8K gold, approx. t.w., 11.8 grams.      

Aquamarine Pendant-$15,000.00  Hand carved pear shape on both sides measuring 30x26x18mm. set in an

18K yellow old mounting 69x28mm o.d., 19.7 dwt.

Sophia Necklace-$9,000.00  18 strands AA African faceted 3.5x4.5mm amethyst beads accented with 39 18K rondels and toggle clasp, 20” in lengthy, 149.0dwt.

Gia Necklace-40,000.00  7 row multi-color Sapphire faceted beads 9.5-3mm, 858cts.t.w., 27” in length, 18K spaces bars and toggle clasp, 141.4 dwt. 

Massoni Il Tigre Necklace- $11,200.00 15 strand gemstone with Venetian glass necklace, with  7 strands 6mm, Mexican Fire Opal faceted beads Carnelian faceted 8-3.5mm beads, Tanzanite  faceted briolettes with 18K rondels and toggle clasp., 20” in length, 234.7 dwt.

Rosa Garnet Necklace- $20,000.00  12 strand Rhodolite Garnet heart and oval beaded necklace 28” in length by 53mm wide,  18K spacebars and toggle clasp, 184.5 dwt.

Dolce Necklace-$8,000.00  Venetian glass 10mm flat disc beads and 18K rondels with toggle clasp, 18” in length, 76.1 dwt.

Pearl Angel Necklace-$20,000.00  Double strand 13mm coin pearls accented with 18K rondels and two hand carved imported mother of pearl Angels ( 32x30mm)  finished with a 22mm coin and horse shield charm, 24” in length, 83.6 dwt.  

Fancy Jasper Necklace -$12,000.00  5 strands mixed fancy carved Jasper tumble black Spinel with Venetian glass beads, finished with 18K rondels and toggle clasp, 20” in length, 272.2 dwt. 

Coral Bead Necklace- $10,250.00  7 strand red coral 4.5-5mm round beads with 18K rondels and toggle clasp, 18” in length, 88.3 dwt. 

Coral Roses-$23,600.00    3 sets earring attachments 20-25mm round set in 18K, weight is 8.6 dwt, 9.5 dwt., 107 dwt., 10.9 dwt., 12.4 dwt., 16.1 dwt.,  and 1 rose pendant 32x46mm 28.2 dwt.